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How It All Started

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

Wives Club: The Founder, The Formation & The Organization

Kierra D' Turientine

It all started when I realized that my circle of friends consisted mainly of educated females who were still waiting on their Mr. Right, while I was freshly married trying to navigate my new role as a wife. Early on, I was intrigued anytime a discussion on love and relationships was at play. As a result, this lead to me becoming a relationship enthusiast who have read numerous books, magazine articles and blogs about relationships every since I was in high school. I understood that the sacredness of marriage meant that I had to be careful about how I talked about marriage with certain individuals. Therefore, I began to seek out the company of other women who were married, to learn how to manage the hard times of being a wife.

Marriage is Different

Let's face it...marriage is not a "one size fits all" type of ordeal. The mountains and valleys would look different for every marriage. Therefore, I knew that what worked for one marriage wouldn't necessarily work for mine. Thanks to the wisdom of other wives, my husband and I have learned to enjoy each other's company and have grown together as one.

In 2014, the first Wives Club get together consisted of me and 4 of my married friends. We met at Donatos Pizza and one of the wives were in an abusive relationship. She found so much encouragement from meeting with us that she asked about the next one. I had no clue of what was to become of this organization at the time. It was honestly never something I even considered, let alone having subsequent gatherings. However, it let me know that there were wives hurting and in need of encouragement. Today, that same wife, was able to escape her abusive partner and is now married to someone who truly loves her for her. It brings me so much joy seeing them do ministry together and sharing in marital bliss!

The Reality of Being A Wife

Here's the reality of being a wife...sometimes you may miss being an individual. Sometimes, one wants to make their own decisions and not have to wait to come into agreement with their spouse. Sometimes, a sista just wants to come and go as she pleases without having to answer to anyone. However, on the opposing end, its great having a lifelong slumber party with your best friend aka spouse. Its great having someone to connect with when you have to be on lockdown or snowed in. Its great having companionship (until he leaves his socks randomly somewhere on the floor. LOL)

A Blissful Marriage

Its possible to have a blissful marriage. However, it will require being attentive to your own “garden.” It will require a huge amount of patience and a fountain of love. I've learned the importance of serving each other. I was told early in my marriage to outdo each other in love and that's what I aim to do with my husband for the rest of my life.

Always Accepting New Members

Wives Club is always accepting new members. Are you a wife looking for encouragement for your journey? You don't have to have the perfect marriage to join. You just have to have a desire to treat your husband right and a willingness to make it work. Here are a few reasons Wives Club may be in your best interest:

  1. Reduce the chance of divorce

  2. Navigate troublesome times

  3. Break dysfunctional patterns

  4. Enjoy a community of other likeminded women

  5. Self development for the mind, body and soul

  6. Be a wife that your husband will fall head over heels for

  7. Membership benefits (fitness training, events, financial coaching, relationship coaching, etc)

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